Man goes on burglary spree, steals bowling balls and Red Bull



Police in Logan say a man went on a burglary spree, stealing everything from bowling balls to energy drinks.

On Sunday, the manager of Family Dental, called police saying that a building next door had been burglarized. Police said that once inside the suspect damaged security lights and took a shower, and left a grey t-shirt hanging over the shower wall.

The next day, on Monday, the General Manager of the Kroger on Chieftain Drive reported a Monster and Red Bull cooler was broken into at the fueling center. Security video was seized in both incidents.

Later on Monday, police were patrolling and stopped a man, later found out to be Shane Carpenter, 35. Police thought he looked suspicious because he was pulling a large bag behind him. Inside, police said were numerous bottles of Gatorade and Cliff Bars. The man was cited for trespassing through the parking lot where they found him walking and sent him on his way.

Monday evening, the owner of Scenic Lanes bowling alley, called 9-1-1 and said his building had been robbed. Stolen, the owner said, were Gatorade bottles, Cliff bars, granola bars, and bowling bags.

Remembering the man from earlier, police knew exactly who to look for. On Tuesday, police saw Carpenter walking in town and arrested him. He has been charged with numerous counts of burglary.

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