Teenager missing from Greenfield, keys and phone found




A missing teenager has law enforcement and family concerned in Highland County.

Sunday afternoon, deputies were called to Greenfield after Madison Bell, 18, did not show up to a scheduled appointment. When her phone was pinged for a location, it was found inside her abandoned car with keys at a local church, according to the Sheriff’s office.

Police are considering the car a crime scene, according to officials.


Bell’s mother has filed a missing persons report and the Sheriff office is actively investigating. Bell is described as a 5’6” teen, with brown hair and gray contact lenses. She has a cross tattoo on her neck and a ghost tattoo on her side.

A hotline has been established for anyone with information to call: 844-727-9111.

An active community search party gathered at 6:30 p.m. Sunday evening at Madison Township building on Centerfield Road in Highland County. More than 350 people showed up with search equipment such as ATVs.

At around 9:45 p.m., the search and rescue was postponed for the evening due to incoming storms and nightfall. Detectives, however, were still following up on leads and were visiting locations around the county.

The search will resume Monday morning.

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