Editor’s note: Clarification surrounding Reader/Boulger article



Today, I received a telephone call from Porita Bougler, the wife of Chillicothe attorney Jim Bougler. Mrs. Bougler was demanding a retraction to an article this publication ran yesterday pertaining to the legal fees of suspended Pike County Sheriff Charles Reader.

Mrs. Bougler said that it was “false” and “a lie.” She said that Mr. Bougler had not been “presented” with a check, as the article alleged, and she proceeded to demand a retraction.

In the article, we interviewed a local woman named Julee Grace. Ms. Grace has been an organizer with a group of others trying to raise money to assist Reader. Through their efforts, they have sold numerous t-shirts, with the money purportedly going to Reader’s legal bills.

On October 31, this publication printed, “Grace said that the group will continue their efforts, and recently, on Halloween, they were able to present Reader’s attorney, Jim Bougler, with a check.

Mrs. Bougler was angry because she said Mr. Bougler had not been “presented” a check, despite the article stating such.

In speaking with Ms. Grace, clarity was made. In actuality, she had mailed Mr. Bougler a check on October 31. At the time of this editor’s note, on November 1, 2019, 2:26 p.m., it is very possible Mr. Bougler has not received the check via the United States Postal Service.

Therefore, at the request of Mrs. Bougler, this editor’s note is hereby written, and this publication would like to apologize for any confusion or misleading thoughts the article may have caused.

Derek Myers is the editor-in-chief of the Guardian. In addition to overseeing the editorial content for the publication, he is a television news reporter and show host. Prior to joining the Guardian full-time, Derek was a Public Information Officer for a county Sheriff and spent the last decade reporting news around the country for local network news affiliates.