Local Wendy’s serves Canadian trucker who was working to deliver goods during virus



A Canadian trucker working to deliver goods during a virus shutdown took to social media on Monday night to say “thank you” to a local Wendy’s.

The trucker, whose name has not been identified, posted a video online where he explained that he stopped by the Wendy’s of Circleville just after 8 p.m. on Monday night; that was the same time he was pulling into the area. Due to COVID-19, many businesses have shortened their hours and the trucker said that Wendy’s was the only place with their lights on.

With lobbies locked across the state due to Governor Mike DeWine’s “takeout and drive-thru only” order, the driver said he tapped on Wendy’s drive-thru window because of the lights.

“Young lady opened the window, and I said, ‘I’m a truck driver, I just parked in the parking lot there.’ Everything is closed, are you guys opened?” the semi driver asked.

The young worker replied that they had just closed and threw out all of their leftover food, but told the trucker to sit tight.

A few minutes later, a manger returned with a bag. Inside, the trucker said it was full of food, including chicken tenders and more. The Canadian went to pay the store, but the store refused.

“They even gave me a pop.”

Insisting they take his money, the trucker left them with something that he said the employees had never seen before: a Canadian five dollar bill.

Derek Myers is the editor-in-chief of the Guardian. In addition to overseeing the editorial content for the publication, he is a television news reporter and show host. Prior to joining the Guardian full-time, Derek was a Public Information Officer for a county Sheriff and spent the last decade reporting news around the country for local network news affiliates.

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