Harry the K-9 reunited with his handler



Harry the K-9 was reunited with his handler Wednesday.

Deputy Rob Morningstar and his family were at the Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office when Harry was brought home by deputies.

It’s the final chapter to a saga that played out over the last three months.

Harry, who worked with Morningstar at the city, was sold to the Sheriff after the city originally told Morningstar that he could purchase the dog; his employment with the city ended in January. The city initially signed an agreement saying he could buy Harry, but after Harry was home with the family for two months, the city took the dog back.

Sheriff Robbie Radcliff agreed to purchase the dog and re-pair him with Morningstar.

The Sheriff said that Morningstar was not hired by the county for two months after his employment ended with the city; the Sheriff wanted to dispel rumors that this was some type of plan from the time Morningstar left the city.

The Sheriff thanked city council members Barry Keller and Sheri Theis, as well as city law director Gary Kenworthy, city auditor Gayle Spangler, and council President David Crawford.

“They were all working just as hard as I was on the otherside of things,” he said. “If it wasn’t for them I could have jumped up and down and it wouldn’t have made a difference.”

Harry and Morningstar start the road Wednesday night.

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